Member Associations


The International Ship Suppliers Association ( ISSA ) is an International Association of National Associations of Ship Suppliers. ISSA was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1955. There are 31 member associations with a total of 1200 members. There are associate members in over 46 countries.

Two overall goals of ISSA is to promote contacts and discussions between organizations of ship suppliers and to establish contacts on an international level with organizations of ship owners.

ISSA issues an ISSA register towards the end of each year and circulates it to ISSA members who are listed, ship owners' purchasing departments, chambers of commerce, maritime colleges, and other shipping organizations.


National Association Marine Services of the United States ( NAMS ) is the only properly-constituted origination of commercial vassal suppliers in the Untied States. NAMS has been in existence for 45 years and through its executive office, stands ready to assist ship owners and operators in any way. 

NAMS actively participates as a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA). Many of the NAMS members attend the international convention and, thereby, keep abreast of the trade worldwide.

In their 50th Anniversary Year, the 2000-01 edition of the Directory of American Ship Services is only one of a number of valuable services developed to aid the ship supplier customers. NAMS has a significant history and has a well-founded reputation for service. Their directory general listings of ports are consolidated to reflect the largest major port rather than each local port. Also, ports are cross-referenced for your convenience. Members are listed where they have office/warehouse facilities.